Aug 11

Here we go 2019! Reflection #1 - Anticipation

Camp Day 1 - Aug 11, 2019 Dear Campers, Families and Supporters, Good morning! It is early morning and campers will be arriving at the buses shortly. We are ready, excited, swirling with energy and keen anticipation and thrilled to get going for our epic 10'th summer. What a milestone!! We are so proud and grateful and eager to finally go. It has been many months of planning and organizing and finally, hurray!  - we are here and welcome you all both to our blog, and the Camp Kivita family. On this first sunny and beautiful morning (and in the weeks leading up) I find myself deeply reflective and sentimental about the journey we have been on. I recall the first morning of our first camp, eleven years ago sitting on the dock and feeling completely overwhelmed by both awe and excitement. Our dream was a reality! The campers are here! What will the day bring? And from that summer on, it has been pure magic. This past week, I have pondered how we have grown and the incredible village that has wrapped around our team in steadfast support of our mission both to provide camp to all children, but also to help use our platform to raise awareness for organ donation and transplantation in Canada. There is lots of work to do and over the week ahead I hope that the anecdotes and pictures and vision of the gift of life in action will inspire us all to continued action. Our camp, a small microcosm of the spectacular transplant community is a reflection of the passion and drive to do better.  Eleven years ago our team saw a gap, an opportunity and a need for camp for our children. It has been an amazing journey  and we remain as passionate and enthusiastic as ever about the need. We will share more about our vision and plans for the years ahead over the course of the week so stay tuned. In the meantime, get ready for action packed days full of a flurry of activities ranging from water sports, arts and crafts, ropes and archery, campfires, cheering and singalongs and so much more! We also ensure that there is ample quiet time as the space in between activities is a treasured one where children can connect, leisurely walk in nature with a new friend,  or find solitude. Soon, we will see the nervous anticipation of the campers (and parents!) as you arrive at the buses. Oh these first moments!! Soon enough your child will see the quiet winding road that leads into camp. They will see the stunning lake and the restless trees and be greeted by warm, caring, and enthusiastic counselors; surrounded by new and old friends. cheering, connections and an indescribable energy, the magic of camp will begin! Our team is here to encourage, guide, support, inspire and enjoy the week our campers. While I have the honor of being the director of our kivita charity, the heart and soul of our team are our camp and medical directors Emily and Christina, program director Dan, and counselor extraordinaire Bernie. We also have a superstar volunteer nursing team who are truly the best including Jaina, Lindsay, Liz, Elisabeth, Kalyn, Stacey, Emily, Tara, Maria and Krista. We also have our incredible camp doctors Dr. Wales, Jones, and Avitzur returning to support this year! We are tremendously grateful for their time, expertise and support. Thank you to our donors, families, friends and supporters; I will be sharing much more about our village of supporters over the week ahead. We are so grateful to be entrusted with your children and to share the truly wonderful camping journey with them.  From anticipation to reality - here we go summer 2019! See you all at the buses! Yours in camping, Stacey on behalf of the camp leadership team