About Us

Camp Kivita is an independent summer camp for children with solid organ transplants - heart, kidney, liver, lung and bowel transplants, as well as those living with organ failure. We are proud to be an incorporated charitable organization in operation for over 15 years.

Registration is now open until the end of May and we are busy planning for in-person camp again in summer August 2024! We have been providing camp since 2008 to children with transplants and organ failure. While we cancelled our program due to Covid-19 in 2020, we heard from campers and families that the loss of connection and the special space that camp provides was really hard. In 2021, we were again required to cancel in person camp we proudly pivoted to provide a virtual summer program that allowed our transplant community to connect and have fun. With 76 campers participating and 8 leaders in training, as well as campers from across Canada (including Alberta and Nova Scotia) it was amazing to come together. In 2022, we were back to in person camp with 76 campers who participated in an amazing summer! We are so excited for an epic summer coming back together and aim to provide camp to up to 125 campers in 2024!

The Camp Board and Leadership team are continuing to fundraise to cover the cost of the registration fees for each camper ensuring all campers can attend with no fees. To learn more about funding and donations please click on the About page. We welcome your participation in helping to raise the necessary funds and awareness for this special camp experience and organ donation in general. We are honored to be working to ensure all children with organ failure and organ transplants have the opportunity to attend camp. Thank you for all of your incredible support!

Be sure to check Camp Kivita"s blog for pictures, memories and reflections of past summers, and stay tuned for updates and registration for summer 2024!!

Camp Mission

To provide an overnight summer camp experience for children living with solid organ transplants (heart, liver, kidney, lung, and bowel transplants) and end stage organ failure (liver, kidney, and intestinal failure) to enhance their quality of life. We also strive to raise awareness for organ donation and transplantation to transform lives.

The Magic Of Camp

Camp Kivita is a magical place that provides campers the opportunity to meet other children who have had similar healthcare experiences and to participate in a camp experience that allows them to improve competency, promote independence, self-esteem and leadership skills, and most of all to have fun. There are unparalleled opportunities at camp for learning, for the development of positive attitudes, and values, and experiences. These hidden lessons in living are the result of day-to-day cabin life shared with other children of similar age and healthcare experiences, all under the guidance and supervision of caring, knowledgeable and understanding leaders with some relationship to the field of organ failure and transplantation. We are immensely grateful to be entrusted with your children, and work tirelessly to ensure the best summer camp experience for each camper.

History of Camp Kivita

Camp for children with chronic illnesses can be life changing. Camp Kivita, a camp for children living with organ transplants and those with end-stage organ failure, is thrilled to be partnering again with Camp Wenonah for Summer 2018! Camp Wenonah is accredited with the Ontario Camping Association and is well suited to host Camp Kivita. This will be our 10’th summer operating, but we believe it will be our best yet! In 2009, thirty children attended and in 2010 our numbers grew to forty children but the demand was far greater than space available. In 2011 and 2012 we expanded to allow more children to attend and offered children waiting for a transplant and living with end stage intestinal, liver and kidney disease (on dialysis) the opportunity to attend camp. In 2013 it was time to find a new camp home and expand programming and leadership opportunities for our children and almost 65 children attended and in 2014-2016 we had 65 camper spots at camp. In 2017 we grew to accommodate 75 camper spots, and for 2019 we aim to take 85 campers. In 2020 we had planned to grow and have capacity for 130 campers - we are very excited to be expanding!! In 2021 we hosted virtual kivita as we continued to face the covid-19 pandemic that allowed us to expand beyond Ontario and open up to campers across Canada. We were thrilled to be back in person in 2022 and are busy planning for another epic in person camp experience in summer 2024.

Camp Kivita is organized by the Board of Directors, formerly the Transplant Camp Advisory Committee and leadership team. We are a group of volunteers passionate about ensuring that all children with transplants and organ failure have the opportunity to attend summer camp.