Aug 15

Reflection 5: It's all about the journey!

Dear Families and Supporters, Its hard to believe we have passed the halfway point of camp! It is another beautiful and action packed day and it is exciting and humbling to reflect back on what a journey it has been over the last ten years of camp!!!!!! There are many layers of this journey starting with the camper at the centre and the unique and individual experiences each child has at camp. For some children, camp is a singular adventure and we take great pride in sharing such a unique and special time for these children for a short time. Mostly though, camp kivita has become a figurative home away from home as they return to camp each summer throughout their formative childhood years. For our team, watching these children grow and develop from year to year is a source of great joy and inspiration. We are so thrilled and grateful to be privy to the development, growth and change as they become young adults, in particular those that ultimately join our leaders program and embrace the deliberate community values and spirit of camp. For these campers, the experience has been described as joyful and encouraging, where everyone is welcomed to a place where they can feel equal and appreciated for each unique quality they bring, in addition to their shared health care journeys. For our passionate and committed volunteer medical and nursing team, the long hours and hard work that camp entails, is balanced by the opportunity to share the camp experience outside of the clinical setting. For our team the journey has been deeply inspiring, heart-warming and energizing and a critical part of the journey. For our leadership team, we have been touched and enveloped by a community of committed supporters that have provided us with the courage, energy, support, finances and confidence to push forward. Kivita's mission has always been to provide the magic of summer camp to each and every child living with organ failure or transplantation. As a small, grass-roots team of volunteers working in the field of transplantation we understood that there was a gap for our children, and were galvanized to help fill it. While our journey can be characterized as a great adventure, we have been so fortunate to have joined forces along the way with some truly incredible organizations, families, and individuals. Growing up I often heard the phrase "find the helpers" As we embarked on this journey of camp, we have been blessed by countless helpers, cheerleaders, and folks that are keen to help us break down barriers and make this happen (thanks Jeff B from Camp Wenonah!! You are number one!!). It can be difficult to the profound impact camp can have in transforming an individual's life. We have been given such a wonderful opportunity to be major impact players in the lives of children. We are keen to ensure our program offer those special teachable moments that leave indelible marks on the lives of our campers. Campers are allowed to participate in an environment that is free of failure (there are  no grades!), only encouraged and praised for giving it a try! The experience and magic is what the journey is all about! Thanks to all of you f for entrusting us with your wonderful children and for joining us in this incredible journey.  The future of Camp Kivita is bright and strong - we are looking forward to the next ten years on our journey of camp for children living and thriving with organ transplantation and organ failure. Have a wonderful afternoon!   Yours in camping, Stacey On behalf of the camp team