Aug 29

Good morning from Camp! Tuesday Morning Reflection.

Dear Families and Friends,

It is early morning Tuesday and while most of the campers are still asleep, there are early signs of another great day starting by the lake. The gorgeous sun is rising over the calm lake, birds are chirping, and we are expecting another gorgeous sunny day. Soon some of our campers will arrive at the lake for a second early morning of our very popular morning fishing activity. Will they find a bass or trout in the waters of clear  lake?  We know they will certainly have fun trying!! We are now well into the thrilling routine of camp and campers have settled into their cabins,  friendships are forming or rekindled, and the hustle of city life has begun to fade. 





Camp Kivita is truly a celebration of the gift of life. Throughout this week our campers will embrace new things - from making new friends, to engaging in new activities,  and challenging themselves - learning, swimming, a game of tether ball, competing, relaxing on a quiet rock by the lake, laughing and singing silly songs by the campfire, trying something new, skipping through nature, overcoming obstacles, experiencing nature, having quiet time to reflect, and simply living life to the fullest. With almost 100  campers -  whether transplanted, living with organ failure - our campers have a chance to share with others who have been through similar experiences and create new and wonderful memories that will last forever.

Our campers of all ages - recipients of hearts, livers, kidneys, lungs and bowels are truly experiencing the magic of camp in all its richness. We are in awe of the their joy, spirit, and resilience and learn so much from them each week at camp.

As you peruse the pictures, vides and anecdotes from camp that will be posted throughout the week, we hope that you will share in the energy and exuberance and transformative nature of camp and see the beautiful gift of life shining through!  We are so grateful to all our supporters, and each of you for cheering for our camp along the way. Have a wonderful day! 

Yours in camping

Your camp team