Aug 12

Reflection 2: Friendship

        Good morning families and friends! It was an incredible first day and pictures will be coming!! The first day of camp is a whirl of getting settled in, swim tests, feeling your way through a new space and new people, and most importantly the foundation of the most special sort of friendship - camp friends. Whether it is the resumption of a friendship for a returning camper (it is amazing how the space of a year and distance can evaporate in a moment!), the budding of a new friendship for a first time camper, or just the general camaraderie and easy group friendship around camp, there is no question that part of the magic of camp is the unique bonds and friendships made. And that goes for the staff and team as well!! There is something so special about living together away from the buzz of the city, the shared purpose of camp, the forced togetherness of living in cabins free of technology and worry. The program of camp also encourages coming together in groups to plan, organize, brainstorm and compete for a shared purpose. Camp also allows for finding peers with shared interests such as an extremely close friendship made by two extremely quiet and shy campers who found a shared enthusiasm for nature and observing frogs and other creatures; a special friendship emerged that brought great joy and adventure  to all! As a former longtime camper, I know that the friendships I made at camp have been enduring, impactful and are held dear to my heart  - they have informed my daily action, my career choices, and hold a deeply special place in my heart. Among the beautiful friendships at camp is the bond between older camper and younger ones. We are always amazed at how the older campers demonstrate a maturity and kindness towards their younger camper peers. We do often see them helping, supporting, and cheering for the younger campers. I’ve been deeply touched in the past seeing an older camper sitting on a bench braiding the hair and chatting softly  with a younger camper who had been feeling terribly homesick. It is these quiet moments of caring and kindness where budding friendships form and bonds are made that last forever. Our Leaders in Training also have an important role in supporting the younger campers which is critical to developing their inherent leadership as well as building on empathy and kindness. As our campers embark on their first full day of camp,  we know friendships will be budding, blossoming, and blooming throughout.  It should be a warm and lovely day at camp full of action, activity, and friendship! Yours in camping, Stacey on behalf of the camp team.